I have to say the chilly chicken is my favourite. The gravy is just nice ,not too thick & has a hint of chilly..So tasty ! I will come back for more & definitely will recommend to my colleagues who are as busy as me . One request- to Home Dining Cusine, can give me extra gravy sauce for my future orders?!

  Mr Michael Tan (Working Professional)
Reply from Home Dining cusine- You get your wish... Happy Eating !!!

Eating home Dining cuisine reminds me very much of the home cooked meals that my mum used to cook. Indeed , Very heart warming & very much what I miss so dearly. Thank you Home Dining Cuisine...

  Chloe Lim (working Professional)

I like the Bento Set. Easy on the eye & the food is simply delicious, should have discovered this earlier. Save me the headache of having to go eat at the same food stalls deciding what to eat...

  David Chia (Working Professional)

Home Dining Cuisine save me the headache of what confinement food to plan to buy, cook & eat when I was on confinement period. Most importantly, their food is super delicious. I shared the vinegar pork trotter with some of my family & close friends, they also ask me if Home Dining Cuisine can prepare extra protion!!! Keep it up Home Dining Cuisine...

  Mrs Angelina Wong ( Mother of New Born Baby & Happy Client!)

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